Keto Doesn’t have to be so Hard to Figure Out!

I love to browse various Keto groups online while I drink my morning coffee but I have to say…some people are really starting to bug me! If you are new to keto or even if you’re not new, please hear this; YOUR KETO JOURNEY BELONGS TO YOU! Everyday, someone new to keto will ask a question about a food or beverage choice, their macros or something about exercise and this poor soul will get 10 different responses. Some of those responses will be from people who genuinely want to help but some come from the dreaded keto police that I have blogged about before. They just want someone to bark at. Why does this bug me? I want to see people succeed and become healthy. I want them to fall in love with this way of eating…not be intimidated by it. I hate the thought that any person looking for help would give up because they feel like they have no help. Let me help you…and if you are not new and you see things like this going on online, step in and help them! Please!

So, why are people giving so many different answers? I don’t think that they understand what the ketogenic diet really is. Here it is in a nutshell; Cut your carbs down to below 20 grams per day, eat almost double the amount of fat as protein. That’s it!! Keto in one simple sentence. My macros are about 20g carbs, 74g protein and 130g of fat. Whatever you decide to eat in a day should fit within your macros! If you want to eat 2 chips and you don’t mind figuring out how many carbs are in 2 chips, then eat them if you have enough carb grams left in your day! (I wouldn’t personally use my carbs this way but it might be worth it to you) Do you feel better using all of your carbs in the form of veggies? Do it as long as you can get your protein and fat in as well. Do you love beef jerky? Yes, it might have a gram of sugar in it but does it fit within your allowance of 20 grams? It’s still keto if you eat it! People may not like it but keto food doesn’t HAVE to be “clean” in order to be keto. Yes, clean is healthier and of course it would be a better choice to eat ALL clean food but keto and clean are 2 different things. Keto doesn’t equal clean any more than clean equals keto. Make sense? You can choose to eat clean keto but please don’t confuse people by telling them that their choice is not keto because it’s not clean. I hope that this makes sense to all of you because I believe that it’s vitally important. What the keto police forget is that we are all in different places dealing with different demons. Some new people are food addicts, some struggle with binge eating and carb addiction. Some of us have metabolic resistance due to years of yo-yo dieting. For people like us, ANY steps taken to reduce the amount of sugar and carbs we are taking in can literally be life saving! What I have noticed is this; When I started out I didn’t pay any attention to whether a product had nitrates, soy, Ace-k or any of the other controversial ingredients…..I simply counted carbs. That works and I began losing weight like crazy and I felt better than I had felt in decades! As months went on, because I was feeling so good, I decided to pay more attention to those things and gradually began including more “clean” choices. It was a process, though. It was a natural progression because of the confidence I had gained while changing my health for the better! I have found this to be the case with many other people as well.

In the beginning, keep it SUPER simple! Look at labels, count the net carbs, stay under 20g. Keep track of your protein, keep track of your fats. Focus on this alone until you gain control of your appetite and cravings. Keep a journal of your favorite foods, recipes and meals. Stick with those until you feel like you want to add some variety and then research some new choices. A couple at a time so that you don’t get overwhelmed. Last of all, no matter how much of an expert you become, please only offer support and encouragement to new people asking questions. This way of life can be a lifeline to sick people and I want us to be the ones putting out our hands for them…not cutting the rope. Lastly, don’t hesitate to call out the keto police in the online groups that you belong to. I finally started calling them out and I have found that they get quiet pretty quickly when called out. See if we can all be in the same boat with no one drilling holes in it. Happy New Year, friends!

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