Happy Keto Year!!

I am SOOO pumped to see what this year holds for myself as well as all of you who are getting ready to embark on this keto journey for the New Year! Don’t listen to the naysayers who will try to bring you down and discourage you because you have made a Resolution to get healthy! I have discovered that people do this because “misery loves company”! If they can talk you out of setting any goals, then they won’t feel guilty for their decision to be lazy and not set any goals of their own! Forget them and look for a community that will offer you encouragement and support! Surround yourselves with like minded individuals who are going somewhere in life…not only in regards to health but in EVERY aspect of their life! Good health is just the beginning.

Those of you who are following me on Facebook have been reading up on my journey back into ketosis after my vacation and period of indulgence last month. If you are just beginning to follow my journey, I highly recommend going back and reading some of my past blog posts on how I have lost my weight and how I am ensuring that I am successful at living the keto way for the rest of my life. I will give you a hint…it’s all about balance and working smart not hard! My Keto Magic group on FB is kicking off a Keto Reboot in 2 days but I started mine on Saturday. I wanted to be a couple of days ahead so that I could offer the best support and inspiration possible. Friday night I was finishing up a nice family vacation by indulging in too many Christmas celebration delicacies and too much fried food….YUCK!! Today, however, I am back into full-blown Ketosis and feeling great. Check it out!

I felt so bloated and tired on Saturday when I woke up because of the way I had been eating. I just knew that I didn’t want to wait until January 2 to start my reboot with the rest of the group…I needed to start ASAP! Starting on Saturday, I began logging my reboot on the Keto Magic page to help motivate other people. So, what have the last couple of days looked like?

Leftover turkey with some onion, mayo and mustard wrapped up in lettuce. A small salad, avocado and 90 second bread on the side.
Broccoli and Cheddar soup, side salad with black olives.

I have to be honest and show you that I don’t always have time to put together perfect keto meals so sometimes my meal looks like this;


My daily breakfast is my Bullet Proof Coffee because I LOVE it! Dinner Sunday night was Keto pulled Pork using Hugh’s sugar free BBQ sauce on a keto “Johnny Cake”. I have snacked on some cheese, black olives, Quest bars and beef jerky. So, there it is. You can totally make this happen and I would love to see all of my readers join our Keto Reboot on my Keto Magic page. As always, it is free! You can find the link on the homepage of my blog here or just search Keto Magic in the FB search bar. Let us give you support and encouragement and soon you will be the one offering support and encouragement to others. Start 2019 out with a bang! Let’s do this!!

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