Keto Killers….These things Won’t Help You!

I came across this picture in one of my Facebook groups this morning and it really bothered me.  It’s no secret that I am not overly strict or a “purist” by any means, but some practices will shoot you in the foot before you ever begin to find success.  I see a lot of people out there promoting “carb cycling”.  While this could be an option for your maintenance phase (when you have lost ALL of your weight and have met ALL of your goals), it should be completely off the table in the beginning!   Carb cycling will interfere with your ability to reach deep ketosis and being able to enjoy all of the benefits of it such as clarity of mind, great energy and most importantly the massive decrease in appetite!  The graphic below sums up why pretty well!

No one wants this in their life!

Why would you want to torture yourself like this?  Basically you are only feeling good one day out of three?!?  No thank you!  It will be much more productive to get into ketosis and stay there!  What will that look like?  You will feel like the last gremlin up there for a few days in the beginning, then you will progress to that middle gremlin for a day or two more, but within a week or maybe two, you will reach keto euphoria!  That’s where you want to be.  You only achieve this when your body begins running off of the ketones from your fat cells.  If you are giving your body a lot of carbs every three days, ketosis is nearly impossible.  Just don’t do it during this time.  Like, I said, when you have lost all of your weight and you are deciding what you are going to do as far as maintenance goes, this could be an option for you.  I will say this, make sure you are keeping a strict eye on how you feel, how your clothes are fitting and the scale when you are entering this maintenance phase.  I will cover all of this in a separate post since this is not today’s topic.

Always keep in mind that every person’s keto journey will be unique, so be supportive of one another.  That being said, I would not be helping anyone at all if I allowed people to believe that some of these methods would be beneficial to them.  This idea of “carb cycling”  will not help you keep weight off even if you lost some weight doing it.  It will not allow you to cure yourself of your carb addictions nor will it help you get to that coveted place where sweets are no longer appealing to you.  In KETOSIS is where you want to be so that as you lose the weight, you will have the MUCH NEEDED benefit of NOT feeling hungry, NOT feeling irritable, NOT craving sweets and carbs and NOT feeling deprived!  Only Ketones will do this for you, so tap into them and keep them!!  Go out and KILL IT!!

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