Keto is for Life! It’s not a Quick Fix!

I have been stalling, people.  I have been thinking about whether I should write this entry or not.  My primary goal from the get-go has been to ensure success for every person who begins living the keto life.  I have been keto for over a year.  I became fat adapted about 6 weeks into my journey.  The secret to my success lies in the fact that I did not eat over 20 grams of carbs per day for that entire first year plus some!  I just wouldn’t do it!  I believe that as a previous carb addict, I would have failed miserably if I hadn’t been so strict in the beginning.  So, there lies the reason that I have been hesitant to write this entry for you.  I do not want people to read this and think that they can take these “carb days” too early in their journey.  At the same time, I really want people to see that someday, they will have complete control over their life as far as food goes!  A little over a year into my journey, I began including some “carb days” and even “carb weekends” into my life.  What I learned from this was nothing short of a miracle for me.  Why?  Well, for one thing, I got to see first hand how much my stomach capacity had shrunk!  I could not eat near the amount of food that I had been able to eat before!  That was exciting!  Being able to see and experience this only reinforced to me that I had made the right choice switching to keto!  It also made me LOVE and appreciate what keto had done for me and made my commitment to it even stronger!  I also discovered that sweet things did not taste good anymore!  I remember not too long ago, while celebrating one of my kids’ birthdays, I had a piece of cake with ice cream.  I will admit that I was excited to dig in because it had been so long, but the experience was a huge disappointment!  It wasn’t good…Lol!  I didn’t finish it and I definitely didn’t like the way that little bit of cake that I ate made me feel.  Yet, another reminder that great changes had taken place in my body.  THAT is a very empowering feeling and THAT is why I decided to share this with you.  I am taking a chance and hoping that you won’t use it as an excuse to indulge before your body has healed itself of its carb addiction.  The main reason that I decided sharing this with you is a good thing, is because I want to give you a snapshot of what your life can look like when all of your extra weight is gone.  Food will no longer be something that you will have to fear!  You will have learned to listen to your body!  This past Thanksgiving I filled a BIG ‘OL plate full of ALLLL of the goodies and guess what happened….the sweet potato casserole and cranberry sauce tasted way to sweet.  I think I ate about 1/4 of the food that I had placed on my plate and I had to push it away.  About an hour later, I was laying on the couch with the worst tummy ache, wishing that I had made better choices.  Later that day, the only leftovers that interested me was the turkey and the green beans.  That experience was another affirmation for me that I had made the right choice going keto.  My body was telling me what it wanted and I actually wanted to listen!  Eating keto just makes you feel so good that it would actually take some work to go back to your old ways, providing you have given keto a long enough time to work!  If you try this too soon, your body will be more than happy to say, “YAY!  There are those easy carbs that I have been missing!  I get to be lazy again, so bring it on!”  That would be the pre fat adaptation reaction.  The post fat adaptation reaction is something like this, “OK, why are we going back here?  These carbs make me bloated, tired and uncomfortable….can we not go there?”  

Like many people, food used to be the center of all of my celebrations.  Now the people are the center of my celebrations.  When I go out to eat, go to people’s houses, celebrate birthdays or even go to the movies, I am no longer focused on the food….but the event.  It is a very freeing emotion and I don’t want to ever lose it.  I told you from the beginning that I am going to be honest on here even if it’s not popular, so there it is.  I still have 20 pounds left to lose but I have not gained 1 ounce back!  Even with my carb meals and days (occasionally),  the scale still moves in the right direction.  Would it move faster if I never had a carb day?  Of course it would, but frankly I do not care.  This is not a temporary thing for me….I am in it for the long haul and I am thrilled with the 50 pounds that I have lost so far!  At 46 years old, I have finally learned how to control my food instead of letting my food control me.  I want this for you as well, but you have to heal your body of its carb addiction first!  That’s how long term success is found!  If I can do it, anyone can!  I promise!

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