Keto Success…It’s All About Being Prepared

We can all agree that being prepared will ensure success in just about anything, right?  This is especially true when it comes to keto.  Why?  Because a moment of weakness on keto could be catastrophic!!  Is this a little dramatic of me?  I don’t think so and I will tell you why.  You have worked hard to get into ketosis.  You might have gone through the keto flu, headaches, tiredness, mood swings and more to get where you are now….why on earth would you want to start over?!?  Ok, I think we agree now…not being prepared could definitely be catastrophic.  Being prepared doesn’t have to be complicated unless you want it to be.  You can be fancy and complicated if you wish because fancy recipes are plentiful in the keto world, but today I want to cover how you can be prepared fairly easily.


As far as meals go, one of the best things that you can do is to keep prepared ground beef, ground sausage, chicken breasts or thighs and hard boiled eggs close at hand. As far as your pantry goes;  keep garlic, onion, cumin, tomato paste, chili pepper and a few other spices that you love. In your fridge keep various blocks of cheese, sour cream, ranch dressing, lettuce, cauliflower and mayo.  If you have these items on hand, you have a lot of meal options ready to go in a short amount of time!  Within a half hour you could have chili, taco salad, egg salad, chicken chili, chicken salad, cheeseburger soup, taco soup, quiches, shepherd’s pie, chicken soup and several casserole options.


Having the meats already cooked is a critical step.  There is something psychological about it.  Think about how you feel after working all day and you are suddenly faced with what to fix for dinner.  If you are extra tired you will be tempted to order out or grab something quick but not very keto friendly.  Seeing all of this prepared meat in your freezer or fridge will give you a little ray of hope and boost of energy to get it done!  Instead of feeling totally overwhelmed, you will feel in control and on top of things!


Dinner is covered, let’s talk about snacks!  Snacks are much easier but don’t let that keep you from making sure that you are prepared with some good ones.  Hard boiled eggs, avocados, beef sticks, cucumbers, pork rinds, walnuts, pecans, macadamia nuts, black olives, green olives, cheeses, pickles and celery with peanut butter or ranch are all great snacks to keep around!  For a sweet tooth, always have simple fat bombs stocked in your fridge to grab.  Don’t forget that Bullet Proof Coffee or Tea makes an excellent snack and it helps you get your fat grams in!


Please take some time to prepare yourself each week!  As you progress and learn new keto recipes you will expand your cookbook and create your own personal menu of easily prepared meals!  This is the beauty of this way of life!  It is very easy to make it your own!


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