You Go On Ahead and be a Martyr…I will Have Treats!

I’ve made it no secret that I practice dirty Keto.  I’m not ashamed of that because I do the best that I can and this way of life is 1000% better than my old way of life.  That being said, move on if that bothers you.  Stick around and be happy if you want to learn more!  I am sitting here on this chilly afternoon sipping on one of my favorite treats!  A S’Mores Latte….and it is SOOOO GOOOD!!

46078319_1800370023407807_3551909671432355840_nYup….there it is in all of it’s glory.  So, what is in it?  2 TBSP of butter and about 4 TBSP of Torani Sugar Free, S’Mores flavored coffee syrup.  We have a specialty store where I live that sells sugar free Torani in almost any flavor that you can imagine!  For those of you searching, I will place a link below for you to get some.  Purists do not like Torani because it contains Sucralose but whatever…Lol.  I have tested myself and my insulin levels/ ketosis is unaffected by Sucralose.  If you are concerned, drink a couple of Lattes and use your ketostix the next day to test yourself to make sure that it doesn’t kick you out of ketosis.  I use straight butter in my Keto Lattes most of the time.  I do this for a couple of reasons;  I have trouble getting enough fat grams in every day so butter helps me achieve my goal.  I do not like sweet coffee in the morning, but I love HWC in my morning coffee (weird, I know).  HWC has minimal carbs but it does have some.  I would rather use these grams in my morning coffee and save the rest of my carbs for later in the day.  I also use this sugar free coffee flavoring to make simple fat bombs.  I take softened cream cheese, a little butter and the coffee flavor of my choice and blend it together.  I let it chill in the fridge for a bit and enjoy!  I’ve done Raspberry, Peanut Butter, Chocolate, Coconut and combinations of those.  As far as measurements go, I start with 4oz of cream cheese and about 2 TBS of butter.  For the flavoring, I add a 2 TBS to start with, blend it all and then add more syrup if needed.  Leave a bowl of this in the fridge and when you want a little snack, or something sweet,  grab a spoonful and enjoy!  I have been known to eat the whole bowl at times but I don’t recommend doing that too often.  In the beginning of your journey, you will probably eat more of this than later on.  This is because as you get deeper into ketosis and become fat adapted, you won’t be as hungry and you may be turned off by sweets.  The urge for something sweet will still hit now and then, though….so be prepared.  Along with this cream cheesey yumminess I love to eat a handful of pecans or macadamia nuts!  BRAIN FOOD!!  Pecans are great and they are so low in carbs!  They make an excellent snack.

Always remember that your Keto journey will look different than other people’s!  Create your own reality and figure out what works for you!  Create your menu through trials, ketone testing and trying different things.  This learning process and practice gives you something else to focus on and put energy into aside from worrying about what you CAN’T have!  There is so much out there that you CAN have so go find those gems!

Torani Sugar Free Syrups

Above is an Amazon link for several flavors to try.  Variety is the spice of life!  Go crazy and be creative!  If you stumble on something amazing, share it with us!

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