Ketogenic Diet and Your Daily Grind….UGH!

Today is Monday….need I say more?  It’s just beginning to get cold outside, my goats are shivering, the Chickens are less active, I have to get up early to start the car and it would be all too easy to go into hibernation mode.  It would be easy…but DON’T do it…Lol!  A lot of the time, people look at winter as a time when they can let their new, healthy eating style slide and worry about it later.  It is tempting to eat how you want and cover up any backsliding with fluffy sweaters and sweatpants!  Instead of doing this, discover your new vices!  Find ways to stay motivated during this time!  Come back alive.  If you usually ride the cold out inside and avoid the outdoors, I BEG you to get outside and experience something new!  Even if you start out just going for walks and exploring parks and other green spaces around you.  I promise you, there is something truly magical about the outdoors during winter.  I used to be a hermit when it was cold outside before I started Keto….I will never go back to my previous lifestyle because I am finally living like I did when I was younger. Back when I used to look for the magic in everything.  You can relearn how to do that.

That being said, old habits try hard to get a foothold when seasons change and temptation hits.  For me, I love hibernating in the winter so I don’t hop out of bed for work with a spring in my step.  Sometimes it’s all I can do to get my booty down the stairs to the coffee pot.  Some cold mornings like today, my coffee will not be “froo-froo” like it is when it’s not freezing and it’s not Monday.  A lot of mornings, while I adjust (until about Thanksgiving) my coffee will look sad….like this…

45949461_1798585473586262_5631209017096273920_n.jpgHahahaha!  Pretty sad, huh?  All I had the gusto for this morning was to pour my coffee and throw a hunk of butter in it.  My point?  This picture is only the beginning of my day.  By the time that I got to the bottom of this mug, I was feeling great!  This turn around doesn’t happen as quickly when you are carb fueled instead of fat fueled.  If you have done keto for any length of time, you already know that your energy level can be tweaked so much easier fueled by fat!  When you are controlled by the terror of fluctuating blood sugar levels….up and down, up and down, up and down… 1 cup of coffee won’t do much for you and help you make it to lunch the way that it will do on keto.

What is your morning routine?  If you don’t like coffee, do you like tea?  If you haven’t already done so, you need to find something that is comforting, dependable, uplifting and fat fueling!  Starting this way helps you make better choices later on.  As I referred to earlier, you can learn to love being outdoors in the winter and your body will have to use more of your fat stores to keep you warm!  Get yourself some cute outdoor active wear!  Cute mittens and hats to wear with stylish outer wear!  While taking walks in the winter (or jogs if you’re willing), you can’t help but notice how peaceful it is!  There is a quietness that doesn’t exist at any other time during the year!  The cold air is invigorating!  What would you look forward to when you get home from your outdoor time?  Keto Hot Chocolate would be perfect!  There are a LOT of delicious Keto Hot Chocolate recipes on Pinterest!  Go on the Keto Magic Pinterest forum and look for one that looks great to you!

Long term health changes begin by substituting bad habits one at a time!  What positive change can you make this week that will be easy to stick to and will help you ditch a bad habit?

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