Keto Police…You’re Not Welcome Here!


In our Social Media driven world, we all know that people have become less and less empathetic to others while being EXTREMELY critical of anyone who does things differently than we do.  Whether it be how you mow your lawn or even the way that you shave your legs,  Keyboard warriors are everywhere!  Some people rarely post anything positive on their social media account, but they will spend endless hours debating and “calling out” people on the choices that they make for their OWN lives!!  The Ketogenic lifestyle is not immuned to this.  When I first started out, I would spend a lot of time reading articles and following groups on FB that I felt could teach me something and provide motivation.  I quickly learned that a lot of “bossy” people scroll through these groups looking for comments that they can pounce on.  Not sure why….not sure I want to know why, but I want you to know that most of these Keto Police folks have NO idea what they are talking about.  Yes, there are different ways to do this.  Lazy, dirty or purist but the definition of ketosis doesn’t change.  When you drop your carbs low enough you will enter ketosis…plain and simple!  If you want to use 20 grams of fruit sugars as your daily carbs…go for it.  If you want to use 20 grams of whole grains as you’re carbs for the day…go for it.  I personally don’t recommend this at all, for various reasons, but you can still enter ketosis this way.  If you want to eat lunch meat, sugar alcohols, flavored pork rinds, pepperoni and other convenient food, you can do this even if the nutritional label lists sugar or a sugar derivative.  As long as you stay under your 20 grams of net per day, your are living the keto life!  To be clear, if I didn’t have such a large family and large grocery bill, I would opt for a lot more organic choices and choose steak and lobster to eat everyday.  That’s not reality for me, so I do the best that I can with what I have.

45638665_1792307360880740_7332495758324662272_n.jpgHere is my advice to you because I want you to be successful and happy!  Ignore the keto police!  They will come across arrogant and like they know it all so you might be tempted to listen to them, but they aren’t really there to help you.  They only do what they do to make themselves feel powerful and useful.  Don’t engage or argue with them because you will be wasting precious energy and time.

At this point, I only belong to about 3 FB groups for Keto as compared to about 20 when I first started.  Find good, supportive groups where you can be yourself, be real, ask your questions and be encouraged!  Any groups that leave you feeling confused or attacked will not help you reach your goals.  You have enough going on right now with the changes that you have made, so surrounding yourself with the right people and groups could make the difference between success and failure!

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1 thought on “Keto Police…You’re Not Welcome Here!

  1. Love this! I fell of the wagon when we went on vacation and had a hard time getting back on till I stepped on the scale and seen the weight was coming back on! I thought to myself, what if I start with the bread, just get rid of it. It worked totally helped me get back on and since I started back I feel better and lost 5lbs in two weeks. I personally do better with lazy, more affordable and easier for me to stick with.
    Have a blessed day!!!


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