Early Ketosis Vs. Fat Adaptation

31093453_1769833739726461_4830458587195113472_n.jpgFat adaptation is your goal!  Fat adaptation is where your body has made the switch from relying on carbs/glucose as fuel to running off your fat stores and dietary fat.  This does NOT happen right away.  Every person is different.  It can happen as early as 2 weeks or it could take several months.  As the quote above by Dr. Berg, one of the ways that you can tell if your fat adapted is by what you are craving to eat.  If you are still craving carbs/sweets then you aren’t fat adapted yet.  This was one of the biggest “selling” points for me on making this a permanent lifestyle change.  The amount of control that you gain from not craving carbs anymore is astonishing!  If you were a carb addict like me, I’m sure you can relate.  Mindlessly grazing on chips, cookies, snack crackers, cereal ect.  only to be hungry again in 2 hours.  It’s TERRIBLE!!  I remember how that felt and I never want to go back to that.  Now, if I experience hunger, I want something savory like bacon!  It’s really difficult to overeat bacon, so binge eating becomes a thing of the past on keto.

Another way to tell that you have passed from early ketosis to fat adaptation is when you forget to eat, or cannot remember the last time that you ate.  One of the best side effects of being fat adapted is that living off of your fat stores is so satisfying!  If anyone would have told me that I could FORGET to eat 5 years ago, I would have called them a liar…LOL!  It’s true, though.  Meals and snacks won’t be such a focus in your daily life anymore.  It will free up so much of your time!

So, what you crave and your feelings of hunger, or lack thereof, are your 2 biggest clues that you are fat adapted.  Being in ketosis feels great, too!  You have mental clarity, energy, beginnings of satiety and cravings begin to diminish, but it is important to push through until you reach this fat adaptation state.  Only here will you experience the ongoing weight loss and permanent changes.

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