Keto on the Go…Just Make it Happen!

It may not make me popular in some circles, but it’s no secret that I am a “dirty” keto girl.  This works for me and 1000’s of others, so if this doesn’t fit your keto journey, you might want to skip this post.  If you concentrate on carb and fat counts as your primary focus….read on.  I am EXTREMELY busy!  7 kids in multiple sports, I work, I have many pets and farm animals….I know you understand.  I’m sure that you are busy, too.  So, how do I do Keto on the go?  It’s not as hard as you might think.  Fast food restaurants are not hard.  Grab a burger or grilled chicken without the bun or any special sauces….stick with mayo as long as its real mayo.  Have your burger with a side salad and Blue Cheese dressing.  If there is no Blue Cheeses, Ranch is the next best choice.  NEVER choose fat-free dressings…they have the most sugar.  If you find yourselves having to stop at a convenience store or gas station, stick with beef jerky, pork rinds, cheese sticks ect.  Many also have a grill roller where the offer hot dogs, sausages and such.  I will sometimes grab a couple of those with some mustard to dip them in.  You can also get nuts at most gas stations.  Remember, Macadamias, pecans and walnuts are the best choices.  Next comes Pistachios and almonds.  Peanuts and cashews are last.  I love Monster energy drinks, so I usually grab one of those to go with my yummy convenience store foods!   LOLOL!!  Don’t yell at me!  I’m just being real….you survive your way and I will survive mine!  Monster is a treat for me and the one that I drink has zero sugar or carbs.  Just make sure you don’t drink one too close to you bullet proof coffee.  For example….today’s breakfast on the go;

Find and love what you enjoy and what makes you happy!!

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