Have You Started Keto Yet? Why Not?!?

About 14 months ago, I made one of the best decisions of my life as far as my physical health goes.  At the time I was about 70 pounds overweight, insulin resistant, tired all of the time, inflicted with high blood pressure and I struggled to keep up with my busy life.  I have been blessed with 7 beautiful children who all participate in various extracurricular activities.  Softball, Football, Wrestling and more.  I love being a part of it, but I found myself in a constant state of fatigue and fog.  The tip of the iceberg came in February 2017 when my oldest daughter announced that she was getting married in August!  Not only was she getting married but she wanted to get married on the beach!  We are Ohio people and with such a large family we don’t get to travel to the beach very often.  I wanted this to be unforgettable and I did NOT want be mistaken for a beached  whale on Clearwater beach…..Lol!!  I immediately started going over all of the “diets” I had tried in the past.  Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, HCG injections, Slim Fast, Low Fat Stop the Insanity, Adipex diet pills, NutriSystem, Atkins…..my head was swimming.  Of all of those diets, only 2 had resulted in actual weight loss, Atkins and the diet pills.  I could’t afford the diet pills again and you can only take those for 3 month.  Not to mention, all of the weight came back as soon as I stopped taking them. I only lost 10 pounds.  I had lost 20 pounds on Atkins and I felt pretty good on it.  The weight did come back, but at the time I felt like this was the option I should choose.  I hopped on Pinterest searching for the guidelines of Low Carb eating and to find some food lists and recipes.  During my research I kept running into this “keto” word.  I was already familiar with the term, “ketosis” from reading Dr. Atkins book about eating low carb.  Gradually I was reading more about keto and less about Atkins/low carb.  I decided to give Keto a try.  I began in February and I had successfully lost 42 pounds by the time we left for my daughter’s wedding in August.  Not only was the weight falling off, but I had more energy than I had experienced in years, my Blood Pressure was down over 20 points and my mental clarity was better than it had been in my 20’s!  

Here we are on the beach!! That’s me next to the bride! My whole family…I love this picture!  Since that time, the weight is still coming off, but it has slowed down a bit.  This doesn’t bother me because I am still shrinking and I feel great!  This can easily be you!  Start your journey to success today!  Write your story and help others!  Research, read and talked to people!!  Gather a list of your favorite low carb foods!  Go on my Keto Magic Pinterest page and search the recipes and tips!  This is your journey and although the keto foundation of staying under 20 grams of carbs a day should remain constant, the way that you stay there will be as unique as you. 

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