Yes! It Really is Magic! Go Keto!

My long weekend is over.  It is officially September! My litter of surprise puppies have arrived, we are continuing to maneuver through our “church” hurt and changes, Friday and Saturday were full of football games and yard clean-up and then it was back to work today.  I want all of you to know that no matter how busy you are, living the keto life is so adaptable and easy once you reach the point of fat adaptation. Fat adaptation is where you want to be!  
So, what does it mean to be fat adapted?  There are so many bloggers and You Tubers who do an excellent job of providing a very scientific/medical explanation of fat adaptation….I am NOT that girl.  I am here to keep it simple and pass my own personal experiences and understanding on to you. 
Here is a link to our excellent Keto Magic group on FB.  Hop on over and join to begin you journey!  Its always FREE! FREE! FREE!
Fat Adaptation is the point in your keto journey where your body stops using glucose (carbs, sugar) for energy and begins using your stored body fat for energy.  Yes,  You read that right and it’s for real!  It took my body about 6 weeks to accomplish this.  We are all different…it will take some of you longer and some of you won’t take as long! When you first enter ketosis by consuming less than 20g of net carbs per day, your body will begin using up all of the glycogen (sugar/carbs) stored in your bloodstream, muscle tissue and liver.  Once the glycogen is mostly used up, your body will be desperate for energy so it will tap into those fat stores.  Why do we have to use up the glycogen/carbs first?  Why won’t our body automatically use our fat?  It’s pretty simple;  our bodies are lazy.  They will always choose the path of least resistance. It is easier for them to break down sugar and carbs than protein and fat.  Take the carbs away and force your body to do the work of digesting the protein and fat.  Forget everything that you have been told about dietary fat….it is NOT the enemy!  We will address this in more detail in another post.  I am trying hard not to overwhelm you.  I WANT you to be successful!!
Image may contain: text
As the above image tells us; when you stop feeling hungry between meals, you have used up your sugar stores and you are burning fat!  How awesome is that?  
To wrap up this post, I leave you with this:  Keto is the only way of life that will allow you to drop pounds while feeling full, energized and GREAT!  I am 46 years old and I have tried each and every diet that you could imagine.  Take it from me…this is it!  Just get started!!  You first step is to begin tracking your net carbs every day!  Keep them under 20 and you WILL get into ketosis within a couple of days and begin dropping pounds within a week.
(click the link above for some great recipes and tips)
So, what are you waiting for?  Make your plan to start.  Begin your research.  Find Dr. Berg on You Tube or Google him and start reading.  On my next post I will focus on beginner tips.  My goal is to start a movement!  Keto really is magic!  
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