How to Break a Keto Stall!

Yes, even on keto, you will hit a plateau or a stall.  Before you panic and give up, take a moment to make sure that it is, indeed, a stall and not something called a “fat woosh”.  The “fat woosh” is a very real aspect of keto and I have experienced this several times.  The simple explanation of this is as follows:  When you start losing fat, your fat cells do not want to shrink, if possible.  To avoid “shrinkage”, your fat cells will replace lost fat with water to maintain the size of the cell.  The fat cells can only hold onto this water for a limited amount of time, so when you are persistant and continue with Keto the cells WILL eventually give up the water and shrink.

Once you have established that you are not experiencing the fat woosh, and it is indeed a stall, there are a couple of things that you can do to kick it up a notch.  Fasting and exercise will break a stall and deepen your ketosis the fastest.  Since you were already experiencing the lovely appetite suppression that occurs with being in ketosis, fasting will come easily.  Usually a 24 to 48 hour fast will get things moving.  Adding a good cardio workout will also move things along.  If you have any pre existing medical conditions, please ask you Physician before engaging in a fast or new exercise program.  If neither one of these methods tickle your fancy, there are a couple of less drastic options.  It is probably time to refigure your macros and make sure that you are not eating too many carbs or protein grams.  Too much protein and too many carbs will stall you.  Adjust these numbers and see what happens in a few days.  If you have been Keto for several months and are fully fat adapted, you can also have a high carb day and then switch back to keto the next day.  This method does work for some people.  Just be sure that you can do this without going off your rocker and ditching this lifestyle all together.  We are in this for the long haul, so please don’t do anything that will ignite old habits!  If you were a carb addict like me, I strongly recommend the first 2 options given to boost your weight loss.  Good luck and Keto on!!

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