Get Into Ketosis FAST!

Today is game day here in old Blanchester, Ohio!  To those of you who live in a small town I know that you understand what this means!!  In about 10 hours we will be under those stadium lights cheering our Wildcats to victory!!  My 3rd oldest child is a Junior this year and he plays fullback.  There is probably not much that I love more than watching High School Football!!  I start with this story because 2 years ago, I STRUGGLED to fit into his jersey so that I could show my support at the game like many of the other moms.  When I did squeeze it on, it was anything but comfortable!  I am so proud to announce that this is no longer an issue for me!  I love being able to wear it and jump around like a crazy woman at the games without having to worry about splitting it open at the seams…LOL!!  What is something that you wish that you could do right now but your weight is holding you back?  Focus on that thing and let it drive you to success!!  


So let’s get down to business!  To get into ketosis you need to focus on keeping those carbs under 20 grams a day.  Make a commitment to do that for a whole week, with NO cheating and this will get you off to a fantastic start!  You can NOT cheat in this beginning period, or you are setting yourself up for failure.  This is not like any other lifestyle change.  This one will turn out to be the easiest for you to stick to when you make it through this 1st wave, but if you are not committing to this 100%, you need to wait until you are.  The chemistry/biology of Keto is almost fail proof when done correctly, so commit to stay under 20 grams from day 1 through the first 6 weeks of your journey. After you are fully fat adapted, it will be time to re-evaluate and adjust.

Here are the foods that I depended on during these first weeks:
Any meat including fish and eggs
All cheeses including cream cheese
Heavy Whipping cream, sour cream, ranch and blue cheese dressings
Celery, any leafy greens and salad greens
Green Beans, radishes, cabbage
Jerky (check carb content, not all are low in carbs)
Macadamia nuts, Almonds, Pecans and Walnuts
Dill Pickles,  Black Olives, Green Olives
No sugar peanut butter
Sugar Free Jell-O
Powerade Zero (important in the beginning)
Flavored seltzer water, Bullet Proof Coffee
This is just a beginner list to use while you re-train your taste buds.  It will help keep things simple for you during these critical first days.
Do not count calories, do not restrict the number of times you eat throughout the day in the beginning.  You will still lose weight.  When you are in ketosis, your hunger will naturally decrease a TON and you will find yourself not wanting to eat and that’s ok!  Stay away from complicated recipes and the many Keto bread and dessert recipes that are out there.  Save those for after you reach the fat adaptation stage.  Once you are fat adapted you can begin experimenting with all of the options that are out there.
Here are your action steps:
1)  Research what foods are low carb that you can eat right now!  Read labels, get on FB pages and see what fellow Ketoers are eating.  Create your own Go-To food list.  It will expand as you learn and grow.
2)  Keep a record of your carbs!  Write them down or download and App to help you track the carbs.  They can be sneaky!!
3)  Begin creating NEW habits and NEW routines in regards to food and activities surrounding food.  For example,  when you go to the movies bring a keto treat or treats in your purse.  Nuts, sugar free candy (Russel Stover has some great ones), pork rinds ect.
4)  Pamper yourself!!  You are doing a great thin for your body and you should reward yourself for this effort!  Instead of bedtime snacks…take a bubble bath or shower.  Take a walk, paint your nails, have someone brush your hair or give you a message.  Learn a new hobby.  Meditate or read.
5)  The first few days, you will undergo some withdrawal as the glucose/sugar/carbs exit your body.  Some people get this worse than others so be prepared.  It has been called keto flu in more severe cases.  This can be managed by increasing your electrolytes.  I drank a lot of Powerade Zero in the beginning and it really helped me.  After the adjustment period, you wont need this so much anymore.
6)  Buy some 
Ketostix .  You can find them around the pharmacy counter near the diabetic testing supplies.  They test your urine for ketones.  If ketones are present in your urine, your body is breaking down fat.  In the beginning it is important to use these to make sure you are keeping your carbs low enough.  It is also very motivational to actually see that you are on the right track.  As you become more experienced, you won’t need to rely on these.  You will be able to tell how you are doing by how good you feel.
Finally, I can’t stress this enough, you HAVE GOT to commit 100% in the beginning or success is unlikely.  Why?  If you don’t fully drain the carbs from your body, because you are cheating, you won’t reach the point where you begin to feel great!  When you allow yourself to reach ketosis, you will begin to feel energized with very sharp mental clarity and sharpness!  No more bloating or fatigue.  It is a great way to go through life.  When you experience feeling, you suddenly become motivated to keep with it.  Let that feeling drive you to continue to work hard and heal your body!!

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