Don’t Give Up on This Ketogenic Lifestyle!

So, it’s been a while since I blogged ‘cuz life just gets crazy sometimes.  I know ya’ll get it.  In the middle of all of my madness, my keto journey has been steady through the week days, but until last week, I was LAZY on the weekends!  I saw a pattern developing, so I had to nip it in the bud!  The great thing about having been keto for so long, my body prefers it so when I fall off, it lets me know rather quickly!  I am NOT advocating taking cheat days by any means because that will hinder success and cause you to give up.  I will, however, always be straight up with my readers because I believe that is the only way to truly help.  Keep in mind that when I started, I did not go off of Keto and my 20g of carbs for over a YEAR!  That fact is the only reason I believe that my weekend lapses over the last couple of months have not resulted in gaining weight.  Part of the reason I consider Keto a type of “magic” for someone like me is the fact that it has repaired my damaged metabolism.  It was damaged as a direct result of decades of “diets” revolving around low fat and calorie deprivation tactics.  These do not work long term.  Keto does.  Last week I made myself get on the scale because I thought that I needed to assess damage that I believed I had done due to not being strict on the weekends.  Well, guess what?  I had LOST 5 additional pounds!!  Yes, you read that right!  For those of you who have been following closely, you may remember that I had been stuck at a particular 

number for several months.  So, this is BIG, folks!!  It just goes to show you that if you learn to make this your new way of life….and NOT just a diet, you WILL lose weight and keep it off!  It can be speedy fast, or slow and steady.  That part is up to you.  I have experienced both.  When I am very strict, I have lost steadily.  When I veered off the path on weekends, I stalled or slowed…but I did NOT gain!  That is the part you have to remember!  The results will be there!  How fast or slow will be influenced by your choices.  The important thing is to remember is that you commit to this thing and you WILL see results.  

I am now in numbers on the scale that I haven’t seen since before my first pregnancy 25 years ago!  My blood pressure is down and I have more energy than I’ve had since I took diet pills years ago…..LOLOL!! (I’m not proud of that, but when I told ya’ll I had tried everything in the past, I meant it!)  

I pray you have found some strength and inspiration here and I want to see lives change!  Make your commitment and get started!  For recipes and inspiration, don’t forget to check out my Pinterest and Facebook links on the home page.  I have hundreds of tips and recipes on my Keto Magic Pinterest page to get you going and I will always be happy to answer any questions on the blog directly!  Happy Keto, friends!!  I believe in you!

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